Coffee with Olive Oil?! We Did It First at Bodacious Shops 😎

As coffee enthusiasts ‘round the world continue to explore unique and innovative flavor combinations, the trend of adding olive oil to your brew is making waves. At Bodacious Shops, we proudly introduced the concept of “coffee with olive oil’ long before it gained this newfound attention.

Olive Oil in Coffee… Why?

Thought it might sound strange, combining the rich, robust notes of coffee with the smooth, fruity ones of olive oil makes for a velvety smooth texture and enhanced flavor profile. Plus, extra virgin olive oil, known for its health benefits, adds a touch of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats to your cup, providing a satisfying and nourishing experience.

Bodacious Did It First?!

Our journey began as The Bodacious Olive, an olive oil and vinegar shop. Over time, we evolved into Bodacious Shops, expanding to include a cozy café, a kitchenry shop, and even roasting our coffee in-house. So, we’re basically the embodiment of coffee with olive oil… right?

While we might not serve coffee with olive oil on our menu, we invite you to experiment—feel free to try some of our extra virgin olive oil in your next cup to experience the luxe texture and taste it offers. Even better, try one of our infused oils, like our Bodacious Blood Orange Olive Oil, for a hint of flavor. And if you aren’t keen on the idea of olive oil in coffee, no worries! It’s easy to get your recommended intake of 2-4 tablespoons of olive oil daily by checking out the recipe section of our website.

Join us in celebrating our pioneering spirit and indulging in a cup of coffee that goes beyond the ordinary—with olive oil or not. Because when it comes to bold flavors and inventive ideas, Bodacious Shops sets the trend—we did it first!

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So tell us… would YOU try olive oil in your coffee?

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