Amazing taste-bud defying creations

What sort of taste bud provoking creations have you conjoured up in the kitchen?  We’ve put together a few recipes and encourage you to share yours with our community.  Together we can make the world taste even better.  

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My Recipes
Spot Prawn Rice Noodle SaladBy AlicjaDSpot prawns are seasonal, so if they're unavailable, the regular prawns will do. If you desire to omit the prawns and desire a different protein, a whole rotisserie chicken would be perfect. Serves 4
Lime and Cilantro GuacamoleBy AlicjaDTaste your guacamole as you’re making it. Avocados can take a fair amount of lime juice and cilantro, but since both of these ingredients can vary in strength, it’s a good idea to taste as you go. Makes 1 1/12-2 cups
Easy Rhubarb Coffee CakeBy AlicjaDThere's nothing like coffee cake for breakfast. his recipe is is simple to make and is quite a filler. Makes one (9-in) round cake.
Quick Whole Roast ChickenBy AlicjaDRubbing the Lemon fused olive oil on the chicken imparts moisture as well as lemon flavor into the skin and meat. The salt helps to dry out the excess water from the skin.
Lemon Roasted AsparagusBy AlicjaDSpring is asparagus season! Most of us cannot get enough of it, especially when it is grilled. Be sure if you do grill your asparagus that the grill is fully preheated. The same applies for the oven. When the temperature is correct, these can roast for 15 minutes and be \"done\" to perfection. Serves 4
Lemon White Bean HummusBy AlicjaDThe white beans in this hummus recipe is creamier and lighter than the traditional hummus, and the Lemon fused oil gives it a subtle, lemony hit. The key is shelling the peas. It only takes a few minutes but is actually relaxing and worth the effort. Generally, chickpeas are drier than white beans so increase the water by adding 2 Tbsp of water. Makes 2 cups
Creamy Artichoke PestoBy AlicjaDHomemade pesto is a necessity due to potential nut allergies. Frozen artichoke hearts are easiest here, as preparing fresh artichoke hearts is time consuming. If you decide to use artichokes packed in oil, as well pickled juice. Wash them well then pat dry. Makes 1 1/2 Cups
Blood Orange Pot de CremeBy AlicjaDThe custard's creamy texture compliments the chocolate. If there's no whipping (35%) cream on hand to prepare custard, you can use the same volume of table (18%) cream plus an additional egg yolk and increase the cooking time by 2 minutes. This recipe can be multiplied or halved. Makes 2 mugs or 4 (4-ounce) ramekins
Olive Oil BrowniesBy AlicjaDThese brownies are decadent. They can be transformed into sundaes by serving them with olive oil ice cream and a balsamic creme.
Chocolate Orange Oatmeal BarsBy AlicjaDThese bars are great for a potluck. Using the Blood Orange fused olive oil and brown sugar makes them NOT too sweet. They can also be made with a creamy mild olive oil. Makes one (9-inch) pan
Gingersnap Crinkle CookiesBy AlicjaDThe Blood Orange in this recipe compliments the ginger and more addictive than the standard gingersnaps. The crunchy cookies are great for dunking in your tea. Makes 24 (3 inch) cookies or 36 (2-inch) cookies
Southern Peach JamBy AlicjaDWarning: This jam is dangerously delish! The Honey Ginger balsamic provides the warm spiciness while the Blood orange and peaches yields the bright and summery flavor. Makes 3 pints
Blood Orange Oatmeal MuffinsBy AlicjaDDon't like oats? They almost disappear because they are so soft from soaking up the milk. Makes 12 muffins
Honey Glazed ChickenBy AlicjaDThis is one of those quick and easy meals you can toss in the oven upon arrival home and enjoy in no time.
Pear Breakfast Coffee CakeBy AlicjaDEating a piece of cake is a great way to start the day. This recipe can be baked as muffins if preferred. The Blood Orange olive oil infuses the batter with such potency that it's flavor is present in every bite. Makes one (9-inch) cake or 12 muffins
Lunchtime Jar SaladBy AlicjaDThe key to jar salads is: it's all about how you pack your jar. If the dressing is the first layer and put crisp veggies, nuts and seeds directly on top of it, you create a natural barrier between the lettuce and the dressing until you shake it up when you're ready to eat. Serves 1 and makes 1 jar (1 cup of dressing)
Basic Buttermilk DressingBy AlicjaDThis basic buttermilk dressing recipe recipe is easy to make and is a wonderful base for variations. ln case there's no buttermilk on hand, feel free to create your own version by adding 1Tbsp lemon juice to whole or 2% milk to make 1/2 cup total; let it stand for 5 minutes before using. Makes 1 Cup
Basic Balsamic VinaigretteBy AlicjaDThis recipe can be adapted to satisfy any taste, any dish, and occasion by choosing from any oil and vinegar combos. Makes 1 Cup
Pan-Fried PotatoesBy AlicjaDThese potatoes are the perfect addition to any meal: for breakfast, served with fried eggs and more bacon; for lunch, on their own tossed with a simple vinaigrette; or alongside chicken or roast beef for dinner. To make vegetarian-friendly, omit the bacon and increase the olive oil by 1 Tsbsp.
Easy FlatbreadBy AlicjaDThis bread is best used as a vehicle to get something delicious into one's mouth- hummus, dip, curry, for example.
TapenadeBy AlicjaDTapenade is so easy and so tasty. This version is a perfect base recipe. To make it traditional, add two washed anchovy fillets. To spice it up, add some pickled chilies. Or to make a Greek version, switch out the parsley for oregano. Spread tapenade on toast or crackers (with or without cheese), toss with some pasta in place of pesto, or use as a non-dairy veggie dip.
Simple AioliBy AlicjaDAioli is simple to make, and there are endless variations to keep it interesting. Try a dollop on roasted potatoes, serve as a dip with fries, spread some on a sandwich, or serve it alongside roast beef. Aioli is traditionally prepared with olive oil (unlike mayonnaise, which is ussully made with more neutral-tasting oil like canola). The Olive oil adds fruitiness and tempers the garlic's intensity.