Amazing taste-bud defying creations

What sort of taste bud provoking creations have you conjoured up in the kitchen?  We’ve put together a few recipes and encourage you to share yours with our community.  Together we can make the world taste even better.  

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Bodacious Recipes
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Pan-fried PotatoesBy Bodacious RecipesThese potatoes are a great addition to any meal: for breakfast, served with fried eggs and more bacon; for lunch, on their own tossed with a simple vinegarette; or alongside chicken or roast beef for dinner. To make them vegetarian -friendly, omit the bacon increase olive oil by 1tbsp. Serves 4 as a side
Easy FlatbreadBy Bodacious RecipesThis bread is best used as a vehicle to get something into one's mouth-hummus, curry, dip for example. Serves 4-6
TapenadeBy Bodacious RecipesThis version is a perfect base recipe.T make it traditional, add two washed anchovy fillets. To spice it up, add some pickled chilies. Or to make a Greek version, switch out the parsley for oregano. Spread tapenade on toast or crackers (with or without cheese), toss with some pasta in place of pesto, or use as a non-dairy veggie dip. I like to use green, black, pimento, or jalapeno-stuffed olives for a bit of a kick. Makes 1 cup
Simple AioliBy Bodacious RecipesAioli is simple to make, and there are endless variations to keep it interesting. It is traditionally prepared with olive oil (unlike mayonnaise, which is usually made with a more neutral-tasting oil like canola). The olive oil adds fruitiness and tempers the garlic's intensity. Makes 1 cup

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